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murray hill

behind the brand


LOGO + TAGLINE // Murray Hill Neighborhood :: "Modern Historic Living in a Historically Modern Town"⁠

Historic homes, towering Oak Trees, and neighbors new & old make Murray Hill a desirable area to call home. When approached with designing a logo for this project, we knew we wanted an emblem that was- much like the neighborhood- timeless & classic. We chose a serif monogram font and created a customized ascender that pays homage to the massive Oaks that adorn the streets. And what neighborhood branding would be complete without a flag design? These two options allow for the homeowner to pick a color that complements their home's personality. (Not pictured:: White Flag with Gold Logo)⁠

And lastly, the tagline. ***little known fact:: we often come up with taglines for our clients. In order for us to make sure the logo fully communicates the brand's essence, we have to define that essence. ⁠

✨Brand Essence + Concise Copy = Tagline✨⁠

For this enduring and vibrant neighborhood nestled in an innovative town, we landed on a tagline that perfectly sums up Murray Hill :: "Modern Historic Living in a Historically Modern Town"

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