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lotus potter

behind the brand


LOGO REVEAL // The Lotus Potter ⁠{This is our 'Logo Giveaway' winner!!!}⁠⠀

For the main logo, we played off of the shape of the lotus flower, constructing the ‘l’ and the ‘o’ out of 2 lotus petals. We then used those two petals as a springboard for 2 sub marks and a custom pattern. The color palette reflects the greens of the lotus and the muddy browns of clay.⁠⠀


The intentionally haphazard linear pattern represents 2 things: the cracks on the surface of glazed pottery created by the heat in the kiln, AND the crazy conditions lotus flowers flourish in. ⁠⠀


Both incredibly resilient, lotus flowers and pottery thrive in less than optimal environments. Lotus flowers create beautiful blooms regardless of living in mud, and pottery becomes beautifully functional through fire. We coined the tagline “beauty regardless” based on the trials the lotus flower and clay go through to produce beauty. ⁠

the final design //

Loved this project and the beautiful pottery she creates!⁠⠀

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