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belk gallant

behind the brand


When visionaries get their hands on historic properties, really cool things happen. A local developer *and dreamer* approached us about creating a look for a building his company was completely revamping. With plans to repurpose the space that once housed the popular department store, 'Belk Gallant, into luxury apartments & shops, we knew this mark would need to be timeless.

pre-planning //

The client knew they would like to continue to call the building 'Belk Gallant,' but were open to adding tag-lines and slight variations. We started research for this forward-thinking project by looking backwards. We scoured the Georgia Archives in search of a peek into this building's bustling past. Gems were found and became a staple of the branding. Original black and white photos juxtaposed with renderings of the project gave the marketing collateral immediate context.

the vision //

For the logotype, our eyes went straight to the double 'l' in 'Gallant.' Those shapes provided a perfect allusion to the suffix that told the building's fate: II. Not only is this Belk Gallant, it's Belk Gallant, II. A second chance, a second wind, a second life. The fonts are a mixture of a classic serif and an ornate display font. The serif alludes to the timeless & esteemed aspects of the building, while the ornamentation in the bowls of the letters speaks to the first-class amenities that will be synonymous with the revamped space. Finally, we wanted to add a bit of energy to the logo and brand, so we added the tag, "the revisit."

the brand //

Belk Gallant, II — branding that highlights the pride of the past and the opportunities of the future.

We can't wait to see this project come to life.

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