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// First Baptist Dalton⁠⠀

Rebrands are tricky. People become accustomed to a certain look, subconsciously associating experiences and values at the sight of a familiar logo. BUT, every once in a while, an organization or business desires to breathe new life into their branding to enhance the memories and feelings people get when encountering the brand. When Girl Creative was approached to handle the rebrand of First Baptist, we knew it was a big undertaking. How do you brand a tradition? Beliefs? Convictions?


We decided to start with the foundation of the church - the people. We met with members young and old, new and seasoned. Common themes of passion for mission work, a strong love of community and a pride in FBCD’s history peppered almost every conversation. It became apparent that so many pieces - be it people, traditions, outreach, studies, or worship - make up First Baptist Dalton.

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