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branding + identity services 

needing a new logo? we got you. check out our packages to determine which one fits your needs:


basic brand development

brand research and excavation + logo + submark + custom color palette + typography & font selection 


complete brand development

brand research and excavation + logo + set of submarks + custom color palette + typography & font selection + brand identity guide + custom patterns & illustrative elements + social imagery starter kit + stationery design 


already have a logo, but need a brand identity?

wishing your feed looked more cohesive? want to amplify your voice and engage with potential customers/clients? this is the *tender, love, and care* your brand needs. enrich + expand your presence on social platforms by letting us give you the tools to step up your game 

this package includes:

brand tlc

development of brand essence + voice

brand research + audit of existing graphic assets

establish tone : define brand’s personality + values

  • custom tagline


1 submark/emblem that expands + enriches your logo


2-3 patterns or textures + custom color palette + typography + font selection


social starter or pep-up your current accounts

  • 12 curated + custom content images for your social platforms* *intended for mass posting to reestablish feed aesthetic + define brand

  • 2 Facebook banners 

// ownership of logo and all visual branding files

interested? keep scrolling for visual examples.                      

brand tlc
old h3.png

 after gc's {tlc} 


Monarch TLC_.png

 after gc's {tlc} 


Believe Greater.png

 after gc's {tlc} 


 brand tlc:  H3 Homes


this client had outgrown their current logo & was in desperate need of an update. but, she had gained a following online, and in her hometown of Seattle, and didn't want to risk losing any trustworthiness her brand had gained . [enter girl creative] we started with refining her main logo. we replaced the stale and disconnected font with a modern version of the classic serif typeface family. immediately, her brand was elevated- yet still remained identifiable to previous admirers. adding in a fresh sub logo, custom pattern & mark gave this brand a *renovation* worthy of H3's stellar reputation in the construction industry

a renovation 

h3 Mock.png
old h3.png

 brand tlc:  monarch day spa

a transformation 


the client came to us with a logo they loved, but they wanted a brand - elements, colors, fonts, patterns- ultimately a presence. we took existing elements from their logomark {that were seemingly unnoticeable before} and brought them centerstage. not only did this give our client many more elements to build with, but it also *transformed* their mark into a dynamic logo.

Monarch TLC .jpg

 brand tlc:  believe greater dalton

a renewal


branding a movement designed to amplify a community's passion and potential is a fav past project of ours. so, when our client's came to us still loving their main mark but needing some fresh designs & sub logos for the next phase of the plan, we immediately went to work. being centered around community engagement, we developed patterns and a secondary color palette that were exciting and vibrant, while still complementing the original mark and hues. designing fresh social media templates that were recognizable as part of the overall brand provided new energy & buzz. 

iphone bgd.png


this package includes:

brand research + excavation

2 original logo design concepts to choose from

1 final logo design  + 1 logo variation


1 submark/emblem

custom color palette


typography + font selection

// ownership of logo and all visual branding files

interested? keep scrolling for visual examples.                      


    charm:  2gen matters

 is a program that teaches best practices for NICU providers, babies & their families

The client wanted a logo that tugged at the heart strings, but also felt professional and trustworthy. Many logos that are 'baby-centric' lead with a cutesy aesthetic. But, this brand needed to be more. Because it speaks to the medical care of the most delicate newborns, the logo needed to instill a sense of confidence and knowledge, while still being approachable and comforting. We achieved this by incorporating a clean sans serif font and paired it with a warm, organic script. 

2gen matters logo board.png

For the color palette, we kept it simple and classic. Light blue, which represents friendship, paired with a dark blue, which represents reliability, perfectly encompassed 2GenMatters mission - to ensure best medical practices whilst comforting the families with knowledge and support. Small design decisions made a big impact for this brand. 


 charm:  LA Girl

An online lifestyle and travel community inspiring you to curate your most fulfilled life.

Founded in 2014, our mission is to inspire passion, discovery, and connection in the city we live in and beyond. When Erika De La Cruz, best-selling author, claimed her new role as Editor in Chief, she wanted a rebrand that matched the goals of the approachable-luxury lifestyle publication The LA Girl. We were thrilled to bring her vision to life. ⁠

la girl brand.png

NOW, not only do we have *another* reason to head to LA, but now we know all the best spots, too  ✈️😎

    charm:  otherworld events

is a full-service event production and design company based in Orange County, California .

From our first interaction with Kali, founder and owner of Otherworld, the energy and passion she has for giving people a reprieve from the mundane was palpable. We wanted to give Otherworld that same vibrancy and energy, but also one that felt attainable through the help of someone like Kali and the Otherworld team. Creating a vibe that was cool + fun + polished became our objective.⁠

The name and mission behind Otherworld was clear: they offer something that is different from the world we see day to day. We decided to play on the 'slash mark.' To us, this is representative of what happens when you enter an event orchestrated by Otherworld. You’re still you, doing your thing, but you get to enter into a place/an event/a moment where life feels instantly exciting. So, for the main mark, we took a strong, clean sans-serif and gave it a punch by adding a slightly graded slash that parallaxes the letters. It’s still the audiences world, just more fun.⁠

OW for web meiji.png

For the sub-mark, we pulled inspiration straight from Otherworld’s home base - California, a state synonomous with excitement. Cali vibes mixed with an allusion to two worlds separated by Otherworld’s ’slash’ created an iconic emblem. ⁠

We’re thinking the girl creative team needs to make a trip out west to ensure we 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘭𝘭𝘭𝘺 captured the essence of this brand 😉 #californiadreaming


this package includes all of the Charm offerings + the custom design of:

Marketing Collateral (your choice of 2): Business Card, Notecard, Letterhead, Posters, Banners, Etc.

Social Posts: 9 Custom Content Graphics Curated for your Brand’s Social Accounts, 2 Facebook Banners 

2-3 Patterns or Textures

Brand Builders: (your choice of 1): Set of Custom Icons, Illustrative Elements, or Sub Logos

// ownership of logo and all visual branding files

interested? keep scrolling for visual examples.                      

la girl
other world
intrigue ex


property partners


We responded with this brand & our client was thrilled 🙂 


We played on the aspect of 'home' and the imposed the shape of a home's overall structure into the bowl of the letter ‘P.’ We wanted to make sure it was done in a subtle/clean demeanor, and the pitch of the roof on the 'P' allows plenty of room for expression! It can be used as a unifying graphic element across all channels. 


We also wanted the identity to be modern and aesthetically pleasing, while ensuring the overall brand has a unique element to support and identify the business in the real estate market. It was crucial that this brand included an element like the custom ‘P' to make Perry Property Partners memorable and attractive to their target audience.

The typeface is a serif- a timeless font designation for an established trade such as real estate. Also, this particular serif provides an italic option that beautifully communicates a passion taken on by the typed word when this attribute is engaged. 

We honed into our client's desire for neutral colors while also creating a balance with deeper/rich colors (note the neutral browns, greys, and mustards). They pair nicely with the natural scenery of homes and also the overall Keller Williams Brand to ensure an aesthetically pleasing coexistence of both PPP and KW.

We’re not sure about you, but we’re sold 😉 


collateral items.

key fob, for sale sign, social media templates 

perrry social mock.png

curated social media feed         



food co.


In language, the asterisk acts to note extra meaning, further explanation or indicates prominent info. In math, the asterisk with the letter R means ‘real numbers.’ Each of these meanings felt SO applicable to the RFC brand and story. The food comes with extra info: it's not only really freakin good, it's healthy, too. And, obviously the math meaning clearly fits in as an allusion to the ‘realness’ of your product. These meanings plus the fact that it’s really *cute* and clean made it a no-brainer for Real Food Co’s main icon. ⁠⁠


The colors are rooted in greens : a color iconically known for its healthy feel. The accent colors are subtle nods to the various spices and seasonings that make RFC’s food *real, real good. ⁠⁠

Now, sit back, enjoy and *digest's new brand * ✌️

curated social media feed         


collateral items.

mock for visuals .jpg

      custom packaging

custom recipe stickers & labels




Hyde Mock Board.png

a new brewery, came to us wanting a Highland Cattle face as their main mark. Immediately, we knew we wanted to create something iconic and fun. We drew a custom highland cow as the main logomark. In addition to him being super fuzzy, we decided to make him have an extra ‘hoppy’ mop 🙂 


For the logotype, we went with a typeface that was rustic and strong - much like its namesake! The colors are natural hues pulled straight from the colors of the ingredients that make a great brew- hops and grains. 

Cute cows, good beer AND tacos - count us in. 

Hyde Patch Mockup.png

collateral items.

banner, ‘hype’ posters, coasters

Banner Mock.png
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