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*meet your new best friends.

meet gracie.


Some of my favs include :


my cute hubby and tight-knit fam, neutral colors on top of neutral colors, jean jackets, candles (the cheaper the better), Coldplay, the smell of cookies in my oven, plants (but cannot keep them alive), skinny jeans, garlic, garlic and more garlic,  gold + yellow = a great combo, strong coffee no cream - no sugar plz, vintage prints, home projects (def not a fav of husband's), treadmill runs, videos of my dad playing the banjo, a good cheeseburger, hard work, branding that inspires, lake days, Grey's Anatomy (guilty), recipe books, niece and nephew lovin', quality time, high waisted swim bottoms

meet harper.


Some of my favs include :


My people (c + p + c), anything and everything iridescent, moto jackets, Mindy Kaling, coffee table books, words (specifically kismet + juxtaposed), wallpaper, flare jeans, cheese, loud music, Pantone 2715 (look it up...its soooo good), love <3, barre, logos (duh), Dalmatian spots, the 70’s, Bachelor Nation (real guilty), Helvetica, binge-worthy podcasts, organizing, woven bracelets, Myers Briggs + Enneagram, dancing (the fun kind), orchids, guacamole, friendships that last, GMA, mosaic tiles, third cups of coffee, Steph Curry, mid-century modern design, to-do lists, layered necklaces 

{true story}



We believe everyone is creative in their own way. BUT, we also believe that some people thrive on creativity. We [gracie+harper] are the latter kind of people. We geek out over typefaces, Pantone swatches, paper weight, and [many more] other embarrassing things ;). girl creative was birthed from a love of fun, aesthetics, friendship, hard work, and ultimately, * creativity.*


As products of a generation that has been overly inundated with constant marketing, we appreciate subtle & beautifully orchestrated branding. But, we also know this type of perfected identity is only achieved when awareness of brand, goals, and customer needs are at the forefront. The challenge of helping our clients hone in on the heart of their business is our pleasure, and creating a mark that matches their personality is our passion. We so hope to work with you + your business in the future.



gracie + harper 

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